ROM // Terence & Pearlene

Note: Trying out something new to present and share my latest works in a more accessible and fun way. Hope you like it!

Terence and Pearlene were the last couple I shot for the year 2012, and they were such awesome people to work for. As I've shared in a previous post, there's something so comfortably raw and candid about how they were around each other. Yes, it's something you'd expect out of any couple who are tying the knot, but they really left quite a wonderful impression on me.

Just recently met them again to pass the final products, and with that done, it's my pleasure to share the joy I had of shooting! It's now available on the website.

Cheers and enoy.


AI.Preview No.[201]3

The year 2012 has been quite the adventure for me, and there's actually so much to reflect about and share. But keeping to my philosophy of minimalism (also another roundabout way of saying laziness), I'd like to give a special mention to the last couple I shot for the year 2012, Terence and Pearlene.

Truly one of the most lovable couples, with all their bare honesty and cosiness with each other and everyone around them. It's probably the first time I'm actually more stressed than the couple themselves, but that's a good thing haha.

Thank you for ending my year with a big smile. My well wishes to the both of you!